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There are over 5 million people just across the river, and we can bring wealth to Windsor with tourist attractions, a cleaner city, and thriving small businesses. These improvements can also attract investors and talent to Windsor.

Develop Bridges and Attractions

  • Develop near the Gordie Howe Bridge so that people entering Canada are motivated to visit Windsor.
  • Encourage the NEW Ambassador Bridge to be constructed along with the Gordie Howe Bridge to allow more entry and exit points. This will also help reduce congestion for drivers crossing the river.

  • No Festival Plaza Canopy

  • No wasting money on a $32 million Festival Plaza canopy. I do not believe it will attract tourists. Windsor has other priorities for which that money can be used towards.
  • A cheaper canopy can be considered for the Festival Plaza.

  • New Windsor Museum

  • Create an iconic Windsor Museum that highlights our city's rich history, automotive industry, and culture. This museum can house the restored streetcar instead of the proposed $8 million "Legacy Beacon". The Windsor Arena may be a suitable site for the museum. A replica streetcar can be put on display at the riverfront without shelter.

  • Downtown and Riverfront

  • Give current infrastructure new improvements and purpose.
  • Make downtown Windsor and the riverfront more attractive, safe, brightly lit, clean and green.
  • Add lanterns and light posts across the entire riverfront.
  • Move Bright Lights Windsor to the riverfront to attract visitors from Detroit who will notice it across the river.

  • More Festivals and Car Events

  • More festivals and events can be great attractions for tourists and Windsor families to enjoy.
  • More car shows and even negotiate with other municipalities to create a new annual car racing track and event in a suitable location. With the growth of electric vehicle racing, the noise pollution will be minimal in the near future too.
  • I want Windsor to to live up to its title as the "Automotive Capital of Canada" and I want people to come here to experience it.

  • Family and Recreation

    More Recreational Programs and Amenities

  • Community centres and parks need more features, amenities and programs.
  • Closed community swimming pools need to be repaired and reopened.

  • Safer Streets

  • City streets need to be more safe and family friendly.

  • More developmental disorder and disability services

  • Autism rates have climbed from between 1-4 in 10,000 children in the 1980s to 1 in 50 children in 2019. The Ontario Autism Program waitlist has doubled under the current provincial government to over 55,000 children and is now several years long, failing to meet the current and rising demand. More targeted city programs will help children with autism and other cognitive disorders or disabilities.
  • Advocate for the protection of parental rights.

  • Traffic Calming and Road Safety

    No City-Wide Reduced Speed Limits or Photo Radar.

  • Traffic control measures such as speed humps can be used to improve safety on a case-by-case basis.
  • Add street lights across entire E.C. Row Expressway
  • Add more street lights across Windsor, particularly to frequently used but dark streets/stretches.

  • Repair Roads and Improve Flood Protection

  • Windsor is in dire need of improved road surfaces and flood protection.

  • Railroad Crossing Traffic Congestion

  • Create overpasses and underpasses at lengthy railroad crossings.

  • Health and Safety

    Expand Hospital Service

  • Keeping our current hospitals open in addition to opening the new mega hospital.
  • The mega hospital will experience overloaded service, lengthy wait times and accessibility issues if other hospitals are closed.

  • Optional Vaccines and Masks for City Services

  • Covid 19 mandates have created unreasonable barriers to services and employment.
  • With the lifting of ArriveCan and other Covid 19 restrictions across Canada and internationally, it will be beneficial to repeal the city's mandatory vaccine and mask policies and rehire workers who were laid off due to such policies. Covid 19 vaccine mandates have failed to be as effective at preventing the virus spread as previously assumed, and quality service and business has suffered under such policies.
  • The Government of Canada has recorded over 50,000 total adverse events following Covid 19 vaccination. The Public Health Agency of Canada now funds the Vaccine Injury Support Program. Mandates without informed consent are unreasonable.

  • Remove fluoride from the water supply

  • Fluoride is for teeth, not the digestive system. A 2012 Harvard University study found that areas with fluoridated water had lower IQ scores in children. Although the fluoride health debate is inconclusive, I will be a leader who errs on the side of caution regarding the health and safety of the public.

  • Mental Health, Homelessness, Crime and Employment

  • Our governments have set up a system where the homeless are neglected but inmates in prison receive shelter, food, heating, air conditioning, healthcare, recreational programs, rehabilitation and education. I would like to make these opportunities more accessible to our homeless and impoverished populations through targeted city programs and development with additional funding from higher levels of government.
  • More quality and safe shelters, and more safe consumption spread across the city to prevent users from crowding in the downtown core. Provide designated transit for users, and stress rehabilitation so that the dangers of substance use are being resolved rather than sustained.
  • Have constant police patrol in high risk areas to help deter crime and provide quick responses when needed.
  • Provide more rehabilitation programs, employment programs and treatment programs for people suffering from cognitive disorders, addictions and disabilities. Have these services readily available to our homeless and consumption site users.

  • Transit

  • Have intercity and extended transit express routes based on demand.
  • Provide more accessible service for those with disabilities, homelessness and mobility issues.
  • Provide free bus passes for impoverished and addiction related social service users to improve accessibility and encourage participation.
  • Sustain our current Windsor Transit bus fleet with maintenance and repairs rather than purchase new buses, and pressure the provincial government to pay for new electric buses going forward. Reduce waste from prematurely replacing useable and operational fuel-powered buses with electric/hybrud buses.
  • No more mandatory mask policies for transit. Wearing masks on transit will be voluntary.

  • Inflation and Affordability

  • Pressure the federal government to balance the budget and create budget surpluses. Inflation will make it harder to keep a home and we need to focus on homelessness prevention for those who are currently living paycheque to paycheque and at risk of becoming impoverished. Interest rate hikes do little to combat inflation if the federal government continuously fails to balance the budget.
  • Windsor's population is growing rapidly, and our housing supply cannot adequately meet the demand. If the population growth continues to outpace the housing supply, then the housing crisis will continue to be sustained. We need more investment from the federal and provincial governments to help accommodate the growing population.
  • Windsor's manufacturing industry is struggling to adapt to global changes in production strategies and automation. Our federal government needs to seek alternatives to the traditional "bailout" strategy and instead create grants and burseries for Canadian companies to move to Windsor and acquire or replace failing international corporations.
  • Pressure higher levels of government to temporarily remove carbon taxes, to reduce energy costs, and to prioritize energy affordability.
  • Many challenges facing Windsor residents have their roots in federal and provincial policy. I will be a mayor who pressures higher levels of government to make the necessary steps to help our community.